Innovation That Matters

Our Initiative

Today, every firm, organization, and investor is trying to navigate the changes that are now occurring. What will be the new consumer behaviors and new business demands? What role will technology play? How will innovation and R&D change in the new environment?

To help industry adapt at this critical time, we created the Innovation-X Network and Program focused on Innovation that Matters. How can companies innovate to create the biggest impact for industry and society now and in the future? Some current areas of interest include:

  • the work at home economy
  • the future of work
  • re-evaluating supply chain
  • healthcare disruptions
  • entertainment post-COVID
  • the future of the travel industry
  • education reset
  • social media as a news source
  • touchless society
  • and the future of payments

The Innovation-X Program is beginning in summer of 2020 with a series of industry roundtables to innovate in these topic areas. From these initial discussions, will emerge Discovery Projects, where we will leverage the resources of UC Berkeley faculty and students to create innovative solutions with Network members that guide the future of industry.

Innovation That Matters Roundtables

Topics include Work at Home Economy, Future of Work, Re-evaluating Supply Chain, Healthcare Disruptions, Entertainment Post-COVID, Future of the Travel Industry, Education Reset, Social Media as a News Source, Touchless Society, and Future of Payments

Open Platform

Participate in our open platform to share best practices, industry data, and results.

Discovery Projects

Work directly with UC Berkeley students in areas such as Data Science, Blockchain, Data Business Models, and other X-Lab Courses.

Innovation-X Network & Program

  • Bi-weekly Innovation that Matters Roundtables with guest speakers and a limited audience that probe the topic of innovation across various industries.
  • An Open Platform to share best practices, industry data, and results.
  • Opportunities to propose Discovery Projects for UC Berkeley students in Data Science, Blockchain, and other emerging areas.
  • Opportunities to enroll in new Sutardja Center Professional Programs like Up-Skilling@Berkeley: Data/AI and the Fall Engineering Leadership program.
  • Access to leading edge materials for technical insight and innovation culture including training materials in Applied Data Science, Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship, and Innovation Engineering.

Who's Involved

The Berkeley Innovation-X Network is a collaboration between industry professionals, academics, and companies all seeking to innovate in ways that will have the biggest impact for society.

Spotlighted Members

Ting Chuk, Board Member, Sutardja Center
Peter Cnudde,
Industry Fellow, Sutardja Center
Keval Desai,
General Partner, InterWest Partners
Charles Fan,
Founder and CEO, MemVerge
Shomit Ghose,
General Partner, Onset Ventures
Charlie Giancarlo,
CEO, Pure Storage
Stefan Heuser,
Former Vice President, Samsung
Christine Ho, CEO & Co-Founder, Imprint Energy
Andrew Laffoon, CEO & Co-Founder, Mixbook
Nir Merry,
Vice President, Applied Materials
Cosmos Nicolaou, Principal, CloudEng LLC
Mike Olson, Former CSO, Cloudera; Chairman of the Board, Berkeleyside
Kim Polese, Chairman, CrowdSmart
In Sik Rhee, General Partner, Vertex Ventures
Ori Sasson, General Partner, Primera Capital
Ikhlaq Sidhu, Chief Scientist & Faculty Director, Sutardja Center
Pantas Sutardja, CEO, LatticeWork
Marc Tarpenning,
Co-Founder, Tesla Motors

By the Numbers

Network Members

Network Members represent firms that want to focus on Innovation That Matters to adapt their innovation practices by working with UC Berkeley faculty and students.


In the 2019-2020 academic year, the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology at the University of California, Berkeley educated nearly 2,000 students at UC Berkeley in innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship, representing diverse majors from business to social science to engineering.

Venture Projects

UC Berkeley students and professionals developed more than 300 projects this academic year in emerging technology areas such as blockchain, data science, sustainability, meat alternatives, internet of things, and other areas.

Innovation-X Network Partners

About Us

Since 2005, SCET has created the foundation of Berkeley’s entrepreneurship ecosystem including SkyDeck, the Fung Institute, the Engineering Leadership Professional ProgramGlobal Venture Lab, and an extensive ecosystem of Silicon Valley and Global partners.

The Center is also known for developing the Berkeley Method, an internationally recognized approach to teaching technology entrepreneurship to undergraduates, innovation to Ph.D. students, and technology firm leadership to professionals and executives. As part of the Berkeley innovation ecosystem, the Sutardja Center also collaborates closely with the Jacob’s Institute for Design, the Haas Business School, and the CITRIS Foundry.

If you are interested in new ventures or innovation on the Berkeley campus or beyond,  SCET is the place to be. The Center is located within the College of Engineering of UC Berkeley, specifically the Department Industrial Engineering & Operations Research.