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Re-Evaluating the Supply Chain

September 3, 2020 @ 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm




Transportation Execution is driven by Innovation in uncertain times. The Logistics Industry in the U.S. represents approximately 10% of the GDP or close to 2 trillion dollars. Data shows that the most significant activity comes from trucking. Trucking moves 71% of all the freight in America, and nearly 6% of all the full-time jobs in the country are in the trucking industry. That translates into an $800B industry moving over one billion trailer and container loads in any given year.


Typically, transportation execution is a multi-party, multi-tier effort that occurs among many supply-chain partners. In our current reality, pure efficiency is no longer sufficient, agility and adaptability have come to the forefront. As a result, supply chain executives have been heavily investing in automated execution and real-time visibility technologies to continue moving inventory and delivering on customer expectations. 


In this roundtable, we will have innovators and industry veterans discussing the following questions:

  • How has the role of the supply-chain evolved in the current pandemic?
  • What are the key transportation and trucking challenges?
  • How is the industry innovating, how should the industry innovate?
  • How can academia and industry be better partners?
  • What business benefits should organizations expect from their investments in innovation?
  • What lies ahead?

Additional topics will include

  • How is sustainability relevant in this “new normal”?
  • How have recent shifts in sheltered economy impacted decisions/collaboration?
  • What are the trade-offs in resiliency, agility, and efficiency? 
  • What are the barriers to visibility, technical or institutional, how do we overcome them?
  • How can information be shared collaboratively while addressing competitive concerns?
  • What are good project topics for students?


Panelists will include stakeholders from various segments, including

The session will be moderated by Aleks Gollu who is a SCET lecturer and Industry Fellow at UC Berkeley and founder of PINC.